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“Special Modifications”

Special Modifications
(Photo from the Warbles Blog)

RT, the great story teller behind the Warbles Blog, embarked on a neat project with Jeff Beck to make a custom 10″ narrow based flex fin. Get the full scoop here.

Also keep your eyes open on that page for a great post about a visit to Fibre Glass Fin Co.

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Frye Flex

Frye Flex Fin

San Diego Classic.

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Portugese Slide

Vasco’s Liddle Flex Fins
(photo from the Nereuskinesis Blog)

Check out the Nereuskinesis Blog for some insight on how these Liddle Flex Fins worked for Portugese shaper Vasco. Be sure to check out the rest of his blog and soak up some of the good life vibes while you’re over there.

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Liddle Flex

Liddle Flex Fin
An iconic flex fin, the Liddle has a pleasant rake to it and a thin, tightly sprung tip. This picture illuminates the sanded finish that is customary on this fin (Sand this fin to finetune the flex patern to taste). Although Liddle is synonymous for the hull shapes he’s pioneered, this fin works well for a variety of surf craft. We like it in short, rounded disc shapes. The wider base maintains drive while the tip gives some whip out of turns.


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