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“Special Modifications”

Special Modifications
(Photo from the Warbles Blog)

RT, the great story teller behind the Warbles Blog, embarked on a neat project with Jeff Beck to make a custom 10″ narrow based flex fin. Get the full scoop here.

Also keep your eyes open on that page for a great post about a visit to Fibre Glass Fin Co.

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Think Inside The Box

Inside the Box
(photo from the Fish Brotherhood Blog)
The Fish Brotherhood have a great interview with JJR, the man behind Lokbox, up on their Blog. The Brotherhood (Nuno and Alexandro) clearly put some time into designing their questions because there’s some awesome insight to be gained on the fin system as well as just surfing/life in general. Nice one! Check the interview out here.

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Ted aka “Clayfin” has been baking up some lovely pieces of earthenware fin art. Take a look at his blog to see more about what he’s up to: Clayfin Blog

Clayfin “5? Fin
JB’s Clayfin

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There’s a great post on the Surfy Surfy Blog that gives some details on all these different bonzer center fin flavors. Rad!:

Center Bonzer Fins
(photo from the Surfy Surfy Blog)

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Portugese Slide

Vasco’s Liddle Flex Fins
(photo from the Nereuskinesis Blog)

Check out the Nereuskinesis Blog for some insight on how these Liddle Flex Fins worked for Portugese shaper Vasco. Be sure to check out the rest of his blog and soak up some of the good life vibes while you’re over there.

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