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Pura Vida

Tim Orr *hearts* fins. He sent in a shot of some of the ones he has in his collection. Pretty nuts!:

Tim shapes surfboards under his Pure Life Surfboards label in Hawaii. He’s a fan of the bonzer style fin configuration/bottom contour. Here’s a board he’s shaped that he calls the Kona Green Machine. It’s a looker!:

Pure Life - Kona Green Machine

Tim crafted the fins himself. A backlit shot that also shows off radical bonzer style concaves exiting the tail:

Kona Green Machine - Fin Cluster 

We’re not sure if Tim want’s his contact info blasted onto the internets for spam bots to harvest so you can drop us a line if you’d like to get in touch with him about custom shapes or fins. He also posts on Craig’s List Hawaii quite frequently so that’s another option for getting in touch.



There’s a great post on the Surfy Surfy Blog that gives some details on all these different bonzer center fin flavors. Rad!:

Center Bonzer Fins
(photo from the Surfy Surfy Blog)

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