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Lokbox Demo Day

Sunday was Lokbox Demo Day in Oceanside CA.

The Lokbox-Mobile was on hand:
Lokbox Mobile 

August in So. Cal. and the heat was in full effect. The sun was piercing and the air was more humid than usual for this part of the world. Not looking too good surf-wise in the photo below but there were some fun waves to be had earlier in the day (you can see a couple rippers in action on the 70 Percent blog):

Shawd and his family own and operate Rainbow Fin Co. up in the Santa Barbara area. They run a tight ship and are very good to their customers (clean performance fish shape by Ian Zamora):
Shawd and his MR 80s

Shawd shows off the new MR 80 quad-fin design by Rainbow Fin Co. We’re seriously stoked on these vibes. The easiest way to describe it is as a cross between the more upright canard quad style fin and a fuller traditional quad set up like the LB4-LB1 combo. You can especially see this blend in the rear fin. Full but more upright:
MR 80 Quadset

We can set you up with the MR 80 quad-fins: