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UDT Fins - Reef and Sand 

The UDT fin is named for the Navy Underwater Demolition Teams. Historically, they and a number of military special operations units have used these fins to execute their waterborne/underwater missions.

These fins have an insane amount of power. Two major factors contribute to this. The first is simply the amount of surface area the blade of the fin has. The second consideration is the stiffness of the fin. To keep such a long blade relatively firm requires some serious structural support. Checkout the heavy duty siding the fin has:

UDT Fin - Side View

As far as wave riding is concerned, the power of the UDT fin is really important for getting into bigger, faster moving waves:
Taking off with UDTs

This power also helps you make sections:
Waveriding with UDTs

A good, powerful fin is helpful in other critical situations as well. Dive!:

The UDT fin is made out of Malaysian rubber, which is known as the best rubber in the world. The fins have a smokey smell to them which is a result of the wood fires used to remove any impurities from the material before it’s processed. This is a comforting surf equipment smell that fits into the same category as clean neoprene and freshly cured resin.

UDT Fins

The UDT fin runs just a tiny bit wide/large in its sizing. If you have any questions about sizing, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


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