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Lokbox Demo Day

Sunday was Lokbox Demo Day in Oceanside CA.

The Lokbox-Mobile was on hand:
Lokbox Mobile 

August in So. Cal. and the heat was in full effect. The sun was piercing and the air was more humid than usual for this part of the world. Not looking too good surf-wise in the photo below but there were some fun waves to be had earlier in the day (you can see a couple rippers in action on the 70 Percent blog):

Shawd and his family own and operate Rainbow Fin Co. up in the Santa Barbara area. They run a tight ship and are very good to their customers (clean performance fish shape by Ian Zamora):
Shawd and his MR 80s

Shawd shows off the new MR 80 quad-fin design by Rainbow Fin Co. We’re seriously stoked on these vibes. The easiest way to describe it is as a cross between the more upright canard quad style fin and a fuller traditional quad set up like the LB4-LB1 combo. You can especially see this blend in the rear fin. Full but more upright:
MR 80 Quadset

We can set you up with the MR 80 quad-fins:



Think Inside The Box

Inside the Box
(photo from the Fish Brotherhood Blog)
The Fish Brotherhood have a great interview with JJR, the man behind Lokbox, up on their Blog. The Brotherhood (Nuno and Alexandro) clearly put some time into designing their questions because there’s some awesome insight to be gained on the fin system as well as just surfing/life in general. Nice one! Check the interview out here.

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TKO- Taylor Knox Tri-Fin

Taylor Knox Tri Fin

The Taylor Knox tri-fin set from Lokbox/Rainbow Fin Co. comes in both a 4.4″ and a 4.6″ fin (all three fins in a set are the same height). We haven’t actually tried these out yet but the name alone conjures up images of powerful, raw-some cutbacks!:

Fin Size & Construction

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PT Quad

PT Quad

The Lokbox based PT Quad is a fin design by Santa Cruz shaper Pat Taylor. It’s much like the Canard Quad design that has been doing the rounds in many Speed Dialer and Speed Dialer-esque shapes these last few years but with a fuller template. As with these Canard Quad templates, you can see how the two fins together have a profile similar to a traditional keel fin. Use this fin set up if you feel underpowered with your current quad set.


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RS1-RS2 Lokbox Quadfin Combo

The RS1-RS2 Combo
Like the R5-R8 quad combo, the RS1-RS2 is another of the more recent quadfin offerings from Rainbow Fin Co. for the Lokbox fin system.

The RS1 has a full bodied 4.5″ leading fin much like the LB4 (so fuller than the R5) but has a trailing fin that is smaller than either the LB1 or the R8. The RS2 is only 3.75″ high, a whole .5″ shorter than either of those.

RS1-RS2 Quadfin Combo
These are just a few situations where these fins would work well:
-On boards that have their fin boxes further back.
-On shapes with more pulled in tails.
-For riders that want to loosen up a board that use a fin set with a larger rear fin like the LB4-LB1 or the R5-R8.

Below you can compare the size and rake of the RS1 and RS2 (RS2 on top of RS1):

RS1 vs. RS2 comparison

We currently have the RS1-RS2 Quadfin set available in the following…


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R5-R8 Quad Setup

R5 R8 Quadfin
Above is a nice shot of the Lokbox R5-R8 Quadfin combination perched on a local reef. The R5-R8 is a set up that’s been made available more recently by Rainbow Fin Co. for the Lokbox fin system. Although the fin heights are the same as the LB4-LB1 combo, these templates are not as full in profile taking less power to turn with them. This means the LB4-LB1 may be the choice for a larger surfer (or someone with a real power oriented surfing style) while the R5-R8 may be good for someone of more average size. Of course fin box placement and board template should be considered in this equation as well.

The following image contrasts the templates of the two fins with the 4.25″ R8 resting on top of the 4.5″ R5 (stay tuned for some R5-R8 vs. LB4-LB1 contrast shots):
R5 vs. R8 comparisson

The R5-R8 is available:


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Power Quad!

Lokbox LB4-LB1 combo by Rainbow Fin Co.
The Rainbow Fin Co./Lokbox LB4-LB1 quadfin combination is our choice for maximum drive in a quad fin set up. At 4.5″ and 4.25″, these fins together provide lots of surface area for power transfer with the wave. They aren’t as unique looking as some of the other quadfin set ups but they really get the job done if drive is what you’re aiming for. A trick we like to do with these fins (depending on the board template and conditions) is ride them with all four fins pushed to the forward end of their boxes. This loosens the board up off the tail but maintains drive in a down the line type of situation when you’re surfing the board from a more forward position.


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Turbo CCQ: Turbo Canard Cutaway Quad

Lokbox Turbo Canard Cutaway Quads
“Canard Cutaway Quad” is quite a mouthful but there are some interesting design elements highlighted by the language used in the name. A canard wing is a reference to a long, narrow foil. In this case, there are four of them. In the field of aerodynamics, a canard wing is known for high efficiency. With each pair of fins, a canard quad takes an outline similar to a traditional keel fin, and breaks it into two parts. The “Cutaway” aspect of the name highlights the bit of the trailing edge of the rear set of fins that’s been removed. This has the effect of loosening up the fins by narrowing the base.
The “Turbo” aspect of the fins means they have more outward cant (less “vertical” than a non turbo set). The cant puts the ends of the fins closer to the rail line of a shape they’re on. This loosens the board further but not at the sake of drive.


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