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Frye Flex

Frye Flex Fin

San Diego Classic.

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Portugese Slide

Vasco’s Liddle Flex Fins
(photo from the Nereuskinesis Blog)

Check out the Nereuskinesis Blog for some insight on how these Liddle Flex Fins worked for Portugese shaper Vasco. Be sure to check out the rest of his blog and soak up some of the good life vibes while you’re over there.

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Flying Tiger: Greenough 4A

Greenough 4A

Greenough 4A


The P-40 Flying Tiger silhouete on the Greenough 4A is *the* distinctive fin graphic in our book. We couldn’t pass up on the oportunity to shoot this fine foil on top of this vintage poster.

In a nutshell, the story of COL Chenault and the Flying Tigers is that he turned a marginal WWII fighter in to the dominant force in the skies over China by developing tactics that played to the strengths of the aircraft (diving speed) and his unit (team work).

Although this fin performs better amongst fins than the P-40 Warhawk did amongst WWII aircraft, the story of the success of the Flying Tigers is a good metaphore to remember. You can defeat performance equipment by taking advantage of what your gear excells at.

Much like the Warhawk, the 4A excells at diving… wait, that would be “driving”… down the line. Unlike the P-40 however, the 4A also provides some zip out of turns with that narrow, flexible fin tip.

Use shorter versions of the 4A in your 2+1 set up board or alone in a short singlefin shape. Use the longer versions of the 4A in disc shapes of all sizes and singlefin longboards.


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Liddle Flex

Liddle Flex Fin
An iconic flex fin, the Liddle has a pleasant rake to it and a thin, tightly sprung tip. This picture illuminates the sanded finish that is customary on this fin (Sand this fin to finetune the flex patern to taste). Although Liddle is synonymous for the hull shapes he’s pioneered, this fin works well for a variety of surf craft. We like it in short, rounded disc shapes. The wider base maintains drive while the tip gives some whip out of turns.


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The Rudder

Yater Rudder- 7.25? in purple

Full tipped Yater Rudder. Excellent steerage for your 2+1 longboards or shorter singlefins. Narrower base + full tip = loosey goosey with hold in the pocket

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The Wilderness Fin

Greenough Wilderness Fin

The Wilderness Fin is an often overlooked George Greenough design. Full and drivey at the base with some spring in the tip. This is one of those iconic designs you can just look at and tell goes great.

We like this fin for our Greenough flavoured shapes (short, wide singlefins) but it also does well in longer boards with a 2+1 set up.

This fin only comes at 7.6″.

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