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R5-R8 Quad Setup

R5 R8 Quadfin
Above is a nice shot of the Lokbox R5-R8 Quadfin combination perched on a local reef. The R5-R8 is a set up that’s been made available more recently by Rainbow Fin Co. for the Lokbox fin system. Although the fin heights are the same as the LB4-LB1 combo, these templates are not as full in profile taking less power to turn with them. This means the LB4-LB1 may be the choice for a larger surfer (or someone with a real power oriented surfing style) while the R5-R8 may be good for someone of more average size. Of course fin box placement and board template should be considered in this equation as well.

The following image contrasts the templates of the two fins with the 4.25″ R8 resting on top of the 4.5″ R5 (stay tuned for some R5-R8 vs. LB4-LB1 contrast shots):
R5 vs. R8 comparisson

The R5-R8 is available:


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  1. Havoc February 25th, 2009 12:34 am

    would love to see some contrast shots between the lb1/lb4’s and the r5/r8


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