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RS1-RS2 Lokbox Quadfin Combo

The RS1-RS2 Combo
Like the R5-R8 quad combo, the RS1-RS2 is another of the more recent quadfin offerings from Rainbow Fin Co. for the Lokbox fin system.

The RS1 has a full bodied 4.5″ leading fin much like the LB4 (so fuller than the R5) but has a trailing fin that is smaller than either the LB1 or the R8. The RS2 is only 3.75″ high, a whole .5″ shorter than either of those.

RS1-RS2 Quadfin Combo
These are just a few situations where these fins would work well:
-On boards that have their fin boxes further back.
-On shapes with more pulled in tails.
-For riders that want to loosen up a board that use a fin set with a larger rear fin like the LB4-LB1 or the R5-R8.

Below you can compare the size and rake of the RS1 and RS2 (RS2 on top of RS1):

RS1 vs. RS2 comparison

We currently have the RS1-RS2 Quadfin set available in the following…


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