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Turbo CCQ: Turbo Canard Cutaway Quad

Lokbox Turbo Canard Cutaway Quads
“Canard Cutaway Quad” is quite a mouthful but there are some interesting design elements highlighted by the language used in the name. A canard wing is a reference to a┬álong, narrow foil. In this case, there are four of them. In the field of aerodynamics, a canard wing is known for high efficiency. With each pair of fins, a canard quad takes an outline similar to a traditional keel fin, and breaks it into two parts. The “Cutaway” aspect of the name highlights the bit of the trailing edge of the rear set of fins that’s been removed. This has the effect of loosening up the fins by narrowing the base.
The “Turbo” aspect of the fins means they have more outward cant (less “vertical” than a non turbo set). The cant puts the ends of the fins closer to the rail line of a shape they’re on. This loosens the board further but not at the sake of drive.


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