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Liddle Flex

Liddle Flex Fin
An iconic flex fin, the Liddle has a pleasant rake to it and a thin, tightly sprung tip. This picture illuminates the sanded finish that is customary on this fin (Sand this fin to finetune the flex patern to taste). Although Liddle is synonymous for the hull shapes he’s pioneered, this fin works well for a variety of surf craft. We like it in short, rounded disc shapes. The wider base maintains drive while the tip gives some whip out of turns.


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The Rudder

Yater Rudder- 7.25? in purple

Full tipped Yater Rudder. Excellent steerage for your 2+1 longboards or shorter singlefins. Narrower base + full tip = loosey goosey with hold in the pocket

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101st Airborne Division

101 Fin Co. LB4-LB1 template
Same template as the LB4 LB1 combo, but in bamboo! These fins really work well… and they float. The natural bamboo material gives these fins an insane livelyness that you can feel when they load and unload. Available from North County San Diego based 101 Fin Co. Check ’em out!

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Power Quad!

Lokbox LB4-LB1 combo by Rainbow Fin Co.
The Rainbow Fin Co./Lokbox LB4-LB1 quadfin combination is our choice for maximum drive in a quad fin set up. At 4.5″ and 4.25″, these fins together provide lots of surface area for power transfer with the wave. They aren’t as unique looking as some of the other quadfin set ups but they really get the job done if drive is what you’re aiming for. A trick we like to do with these fins (depending on the board template and conditions) is ride them with all four fins pushed to the forward end of their boxes. This loosens the board up off the tail but maintains drive in a down the line type of situation when you’re surfing the board from a more forward position.


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The Wilderness Fin

Greenough Wilderness Fin

The Wilderness Fin is an often overlooked George Greenough design. Full and drivey at the base with some spring in the tip. This is one of those iconic designs you can just look at and tell goes great.

We like this fin for our Greenough flavoured shapes (short, wide singlefins) but it also does well in longer boards with a 2+1 set up.

This fin only comes at 7.6″.

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Turbo CCQ: Turbo Canard Cutaway Quad

Lokbox Turbo Canard Cutaway Quads
“Canard Cutaway Quad” is quite a mouthful but there are some interesting design elements highlighted by the language used in the name. A canard wing is a reference to a long, narrow foil. In this case, there are four of them. In the field of aerodynamics, a canard wing is known for high efficiency. With each pair of fins, a canard quad takes an outline similar to a traditional keel fin, and breaks it into two parts. The “Cutaway” aspect of the name highlights the bit of the trailing edge of the rear set of fins that’s been removed. This has the effect of loosening up the fins by narrowing the base.
The “Turbo” aspect of the fins means they have more outward cant (less “vertical” than a non turbo set). The cant puts the ends of the fins closer to the rail line of a shape they’re on. This loosens the board further but not at the sake of drive.


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